Following the international standards, AWAZEL is continuously engaged in the understanding the performance characteristics needed to solve a verity of different waterproofing problems and had still formulated product to achieve the most efficient and economical solutions. As a result of that, AWAZEL is not only the first but also largest manufacturer of waterproofing materials in the Middle East offering the widest range of products as per the international standers.

AWAZEL has obtained the highest quality standard by implementing & obtaining the ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS 18001-1999 certificate, not only that, but our material has been tested and approved by many international independent testing laboratories (Saudi Socotec, Al Hosty Stanger, SASO, Ministry of Public Works, MOT, etc).

AWAZEL produces a wide range of bituminous product for waterproofing and damp proofing of rchitectural and engineering infrastructures, buildings, tanks, roofs, pipes, roads and bridges such as:

  • Torch applied membranes
  • Self adhesive membranes
  • Non – reinforced membranes
  • Pipe wrapping materials
  • Protection boards
  • Cold applied damp proofing material
  • Geo Textiles
  • Primer and Compounds

  • Our plants


    AWAZEL plants are considered the largest comprehensive manufacturer of waterproofing materials in the Middle East as:

  • it acquires the most sophisticated production lines.
  • We manufacture all bitumen products; produce the biggest bitumen quantity (Asphalt), based waterproofing material. In addition, we are the top bitumen rolls producer, with more than 70 million square meters capacity.
  • We have the biggest oxidization unit.
  • We have the largest warehousing facilities for asphalt products. Our facilities can accommodate 30,000 tons and capable to meet all requirements of the local and foreign markets within a very appropriate time limit. Our company has more than 100 trucks, with 25 tons load each.
  • We have a great variety of new products.



    This traditional Saudi Company, formed in 1974 is focused on complete customer satisfaction. Its growth has been rapid and today the company is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The use of asphalt as a natural water proofing material has developed over the years to provide solutions to the containment or exclusion of water. Awazel products are designed to cope with the problems associated with water in easily applied, economical ways.

    Company’s Objectives


    Since our objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers, we are very keen to furnish you with:
  • Top quality materials.
  • Unique quality and most advanced techniques during the execution process.
  • On time delivery.
  • Our prices are competitive and incomparable
  • Research Center

    Awazel Research Center has been carrying out researches since its sit up and participated in international conferences and developed special products for the Ministry of Transport and other governmental bodies in KSA.

    Awazel Reseach Center which is equipped with the most sophisticated and modern equipments, top qualified experts has proved it can perform researches and find the best solutions for water proofing materials, for foundations, tanks. Our products are in accordance with the top world standards. It is worth mentioning that AWAZEL is awarded several worldwide awards.